By joyfuldaze

Day 7 - Officially 1 Week Free !!

Yay, I am now into my 7th day of freedom. As of 11.15pm (GMT) tonight I will not have smoked for 1 whole week and I am very, very happy about that fact. As I have mentioned in previous posts, it has not been that bad but I have had cravings at certain times but I just kept reminding myself that I have finally escaped the nightmare and illusion that is smoking. In fact I keep reminding myself of this even when I am not having cravings. I believe this is the key to beating the cravings or should I say the brain washing that I have endured over the last 23 years. Thank you to everybody who has liked my posts this week and who have taken the time to write a comment, it really helps. I hope everyone is doing well and remember to congratulate yourself every time you realize you are a non smoker.  
Wow thats awesome, cant wait till Im at a week too. Congrats big time!
Congratulations! Yes, we have taken back our power!