By shultz

A Little Thing Happened Today

I lost my car keys this morning and after an hour and half I started the bad way of thinking. I thought to myself if only I had a cigarette. Then it went to, oh, one will not hurt. Honestly, I thought that this way of thinking was long gone. It amazes me how much smoking has affected my life, or let me rephrase this... how I allow smoking to affect my life. Anyways, I realized that I was being a drama queen and told myself to suck it up and quit giving my old nasty habit credit.
We are in more control than we realize.
this addiction centers in the mind; helps to treat it here, spiritually and with meditation -- easier to stay smober later on
The sneaky stinker is always lurking in the shadows, ,, waiting to pounce,,, that's addiction... Glad u realized it's not worth ur time or all the time u earned
Great job of controlling those thoughts!