By sugarcube

Need To Rant, Sorry!

I'm just trying to be strong right now. I don't want to smoke, I don't want to smoke,I don't want to smoke.Im doing this because there's smokers all around me .i don't want to smoke.Why do they make it look so good.I did not smoke and they are gone I did not smoke ok that was hard but I got though it Everybody have a great smoke free day.
congratulations, you did it, be proud of yurself!
Congrats on coming here for strength!
Good job!!
You talked your way thru! Great job!
it's so important you do not feel denied of a pleasure that is really a horrid addiction that will harm you and those around you and take your freedom and your life. You are the one they envy, not the other way around. They are still chained and making it Look good to be a slave!
Yes I can,yes I can,yes I can.yes I can
Wonderful! I'm with you - I don't want to smoke!!