By hercu

The “Nice” About Quitza That Helped Me To Quit

Quitza truly helped me to quit smoking and although I am still very careful to call myself an Ex smoker I can say that with very much confidence that I am a smoker who never want to smoke again.
Certainly during the first three months I have suffered and still see the posts of people in that period really suffering but also re discovered life the way it should be….breathing…smelling….tasting..etc.
I can honestly say that in all that early months I never wanted to smoke but I missed my 38 year companion…Cigarettes became a way of life and I could become very anxious if there was only 1 or 2 left in the packet and the shop is 80 km away….!!
I think the most important aspect to quit successfully is the well known saying: Know Thy Enemy….! I have spent all those sleepless nights on the internet and Quitza learned what is happening to me…. Surely if I did not knew that when you quit the total “Blah” is normal I would have thought I am going crazy…!! I also found very good herbal supplements just to get the “wheezy” brain going and helped to get the dopamine flowing again without a cigarette….
After 1 year and 7 months I rarely think about a cigarette and the only time I think about my smoking years is when I smell a smoker and is ashamed that I allowed myself to smell like that for so many years….!!! 
Thank you Quitza and all my old friends I have made on this site and a very big “STRONGS” to all the quitters…… 1 hour or 10 years ….I see us as champions…..!!!!
Quitza is helpful! The support is awesome and just to be mindful on our pledge to quit has been key to remaining smoke free.