By joyfuldaze

Day 5 - Starting To See The Benefits Already

Whoo Hoo !!, it is Day 5 of my new life as a non smoker. I cycle 22 miles each day to and from work and in the past my nose would have a great build up of mucus due to my lungs having to work extra hard. Over the last few days I have noticed that the build up of mucus and decreased dramatically so I am assuming my lungs are getting better. The cravings have decreased also as I get used to my new life. There are times in the day that I naturally associate to my previous smoking such as after a cup of tea or my 11am break but I now just do something beneficial like read a book or learn a new word. Anyway hope everyone else is doing well and if I can be of any help then please let me know , I am happy to assist if I can.
Cant wait till Im at day 5
Joyfuldaze you are doing extremely well...Keep going !!