By laurenloui09

How To Quit Smoking In A Short Period?

Hii!! I'm new to this forum. I need to quit my smoking asap as I'm scheduled for abdominoplasty from a clinic in Vaughan ( ) on 3rd March 2017. Doctor told me I should not smoke 2 weeks prior to surgery and 2 weeks post surgery. I smoke a packet a day. I have tried to quit only once but I understood it's not an easy task. So I left that desire to quit smoking and continued using it. Things have changed and I'm more addicted to it now. So I think I might need more time to quit my smoking habit. Please help me. I have postponed my surgery date so that I will be able to quit smoking.   
Good luck Lauren! You can quit. Read as much as you can about the addiction. Use any NRT if needed but make the commitment to be good to your self and stay with the quit. This forum will be helpful. Be sure to sign the pledge daily & be true to yourself.