By havetoquit

I Cannot Be The Only One?

Today I'm feeling very down and low. My breathing is better, i'm coughing up some pretty dark secreations. I'm feeling restless, agitated and hateful. Did anybody else morn smoking like I think I'm doing? This is very sad. My smoking spouse keeps telling me to go ahead and smoke because he sees how much I'm hurting over this. I cannot be the only one?
Hang tight .... you got this!
the worst is behind U, now it's all mental and mindset, No Good Comes From Smoking, N.O.P.E! !!!!!!
Yes your not alone! I also felt like I was morning a loss but I got over that time and now I'm celebrating the real me! Hang in there it will get better! NOPE!
Smoking is something we miss, maybe more so during the holidays. My guess is it reminds many of us of our youth, before we understood ti was poison. But it gets better, and we think of it less. Your coughing is a very good sign as it means the lungs are repairing.
You will feel worse if you give up your 4 months of success. Best in the 2017 to everyone.
Yes, we morn and then let it go. The worst is behind you and it would be sad turn back at this point. Hope you keep enjoying the freedom. Happy New Year to all!