By mom2arielle

My One Millionth Quit Attempt

New year’s eve one of the most popular quitting days but I am bound and determined not to go into the new years as a smoker. This past year I have had several attempts my longest one was for about 3 weeks. I can still kick my own butt for going back to smoking on that one. It has been a daily struggle and internal conflict since then.  I felt sooo much better health wise so every day after I started back I would say I have to quit smoking again sometimes I would but it would only last a day or 2. What was really bad is that I felt immediate ill effects from smoking when I would start back and still I keep on doing it. I also have generalized anxiety disorder and while I know that smoking actually makes it worse somewhere in my twisted mind I keep telling myself that it will go away if I have just one cig.  Uhh I hate smoking and just can’t seem to stop but I am determined to make 2017 a smoke free year. I can’t afford money wise to continue smoking and take karate not to mention how short of breath I get while I am trying to do my exercises. My husband quit years ago and he has never really nagged at me to quit smoking he says things like quitting smoking now greatly reduces the risks to your health and things like that but he is getting tired of me ‘quitting’ every day  and tells me to just do it already anddonttalk about it. My daughter who is 12 and was my biggest cheerleader does not even acknowledge my quit attempts anymore she is just like whatever.  I really need to prove to them and to myself that I can do this. I am going to give the patches another shot as they seem to help take the edge off a bit  for the first few weeks also candy canes which were on clearance since Christmas is over help some too. When those run out I will have to get some ice breakers they seem to help some too but what I really need to do is get it in my head that I am the little engine that could “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” then I can go “I knew I could I knew I could I knew I could’ thanks for letting me whine, but I do have to say I’VE GOT THIS!!!!!!
Happy New Years Arielle! To quit smoking is not for sissys, can do this.