By shelterme

I Reached To My Shirt Pocket For A Cigarette

Just got home after an hour-long bus ride in this heat. Stepped off the bus and, as always, when I used to smoke, I reached to my shirt pocket for a cigarette. Of course, there were none and I caught myself. Pure habit. What I used to do.. Forgive me, everyone, I'm just not used to working anymore. Gad, what a thing to say. LOL.
Phillip glad you're still smoke free
I can relate!! but I just tell myself , give yourself a few minutes and all will be good. So far its working lol
I like that......use to do
Boy I am glad I'm not alone on this, I felt bad about this,,, like my commit is not there or something, so I guess I am normal???
I do that a hundred times a day still