By foxwolf

Pains All Over Now I Have Quit

I am nearly a month smoke free and have from day one had chest pains , pains across my back, like my ribs are aching and lower back pain but over the last week they are just getting worse and worse to the point where this morning I can't breathe properly without gasping in pain. Has anyone else experienced symptoms like this or does anyone have any advice please? * update* Doctor said the pains are not related to quitting smoking, I don't have an infection and my ECG and chest were clear too. So I'm actually no further forward and am hoping that it is muscular and that it will get better shortly. Thanks for all your advice guys!! So glad I was able to turn to the group when I was worried!
Sounds like you need to go to the ASAP!!
definitely head to the doctor!
See your doctor but it sounds like you had some sort of injury