By notasmok

Smoking And Depression

Could someone tell me how smoking effects depression? I have been having a fight with that for several years.
I have panic attacks and chronic anxiety. We're all different so stick with your doctor in case you need to adjust your meds.
Reading on this too. It seems that depression can be common with quitters due to mood changes of withdrawal. My lack of motivation is enough to cause depression but went yesterday to get a B12 shot so will see how these work. So far I have a little more desire to get moving. I've read that after 4 weeks and 4 shots everything should be as right as rain. Lol, we'll see!
I also have panic attacks and chronic anxiety
I am seeing a doctor and on meds, I just don't want to feel worse because I stopped smoking.
Struggling to breathe is one thing... struggling with a quit is much easier. You've quit smoking before - make this a positive decision and work along with your doctor if needed. When you don't have that black cloud of doom that smoking gives, life becomes much better!
Addiction has it's costs w/ some periods of challenge for many, but as has been mentioned, this is about mind set. If we program an ' awful time of things ', that may be realized. On the other hand, we can have a freedom perspective and draw strength as Restoration to our more Natural selves and health gets underway. * We can't really hold an ax over this addiction and demand it doesn't make us feel bad as we give it up or else. Fortunately the addiction has no intelligence, only we do. And how we view things and cope during the journey is mostly up to us. With knowledge and support, quitting is entirely do able .. All the best to you.
Quitting can help depression. It can give you a renewed sense of purpose and higher self-esteem. Distract and delay to get started again.