By topcases

I Can Honestly Say Ive Never Felt Better

Even for such a short amount of time, i can honestly say ive never felt better! Better emotionally, physically, mentally, just all around completely better! To be honest, it bugs me not one single bit, i do not think about it, and really, it smells absolutely awful to me now ugh i cannot stand the smell the one thing i will say though is pretty much every night i have a dream with myself smoking. Doesnt bother me once i wake up, more like uhhh ok weird but nothing that makes me think twice about my decision. I will say one thing thats helped me the MOST, i smoked heavily when i was stressed, i read something somewhere on this very group, a ciggarette does not take the stress away, it only tricks your mind into thinking it does. seriously puffing on a ciggarette does not a dang thing to take that stress away, instead of doing nothing about that stress (smoking) do something about it.
Congratulations. So glad for you