By cartman

Getting Dizzy Now I Have Quit?

I dealt with some noticeable abstinence syndrome symptoms and slowly went away like a month later, still I felt weird, but anyways I was feeling healthier too. Later on, I started getting dizzy, I got worried and started checking every possible reason for it, as it got worst, first it was only in the morning, then some days it was all day!! I didnt think until later it could be related to my stopping smoking... So I checked ears, eyes, blood tests, etc... and everything was fine. Long story short, I realized and concluded after a few trials that it was the lack of nicotine in my body and basically I am smoking again so I dont get dizzy
Ummm did u see a dr to rule things out??? Long term dizziness isn't usually related to Not smoking...especially after so much time free of all the chemicals and what not in ur body, anyway, I used the Patch best thing I ever did
The dizziness is a withdrawal symptom and can be worsened from low blood sugar, poor diet. The dizziness is also a sign of healing... not a reason to keep smoking.
Take the patch off .when going asleep ,don't sleep with it on . Good luck
Thanks a lot!! Will keep it in mind.