By cartman

I Have A Friend Who Is An Ocasional Smoker

hello,i have a friend who is an ocasional smoker he can smoke today and have another one in 3 month , he has never been addicted , can this really happens? he has been doing that for 15 years still never addisted to
My sis in law only smokes in the evening. Been doing do about 20 years x
Along similar lines, some folks can do illicit drugs like cocaine and decide to not do it anymore others will get hooked immediately
some can but it is NOT the norm... any addictive substance has most people hooked sooner than later, so why chance that you could ever be that 1/1000th percentile that may not. I am not playin with that fire!!
My sister did the same for years but now finds herself addicted. You never know when the occasional smoking may turn into a full blown addiction
I think it is only possible if a person was never a smoker. A former smoker who has one, gets drawn back in.