By shultz

When Will I Stop Coughing This Stuff Up?

Can I ask a questions... When does this coughing up crap stop? Due to all this coughing up, it keeps me out of breath at times.
It's different for each of us but goes something like this - small hair-like structures called cilia in our airways and lungs wave back and forth, cleaning out the toxins and debris from cigs. The purpose of this is for the sticky mucous to pick up foreign debris (including bacteria and viruses that can make you sick) and send them to your stomach where aggressive stomach acids destroy them. However, when you smoke, you kill the cilia and your body also may produce less mucous. When you quit, it starts up again, the cilia come back to life and youll have a temporary cough for a bit.
Oh , never knew that! Thank you!
It's your body trying to expell the junks, that's a good thing, try up ing ur water intake and exercise xxxx