By shultz

I Find Myself Really Craving A Cigarette

For the first time in ages, I find myself really craving a cigarette. I know it will pass and I know it won't change or solve anything at all. I guess what i crave is to stuff my feelings into a cigarette so that I can avoid them for a little while. Not healthy..... But not sure what to do either. Could use a little advise and encouragement.
Your doing so good. A cigarette will not help. Take a few minutes and look at all the positive things stop smoking gives you - save money - breathe better - smell better. This will pass just don't give in. Keep your hand busy.
Craves come and go. Distract yourself from the thought and do something. They pass relatively quickly.
They can feel really thru it..tell it you are in control and don't want it. They don't last long,thank god. Your doing great!!
Keep strong and stay with the group