By piano124

Nothing Tastes Good Anymore? Thought It Was Supposed To Be Better?

Buuuut, nothing tastes good and I can't stop crying, I really don't know if this is from not smoking from the chantix? Has anyone else gone through this?
Yes! It will pass... I'm now at nearly 10 months and I have no cravings for cigarettes at all. It was still hard at 3 months but it's ok now... you'll get there!
I was an emotional mess with Chantix. I didn't use it for this time. I am using the patch
Crying is a great sign of healing... see how you feel tommorrow since you're still new in your quit.... at the same time, some quitting w/chantix do have emotional issues. Stay close!
things get easier as time passes just hang in there
Defiantly champix I went rather crazy but I'm still not smoking I personally think it's great I only stayed on it for a month maximum and took one a day I still felt crazy