By havetoquit

Back In The Dark Recesses Of The Nicodemon

Grrrr, I asked the lady at the gas station how the nonsmoking thing was going (I think she had around a YEAR) she chuckled and said she's back smoking, I asked her what happened.. Her Son got a ticket the other night,I asked her what that had to do with smoking, she said it was a big ticket... Stress, That's a shame, the kid still has the ticket but the lady lost all that time... her addiction got the best of her, and now she's back in the dark recesses of the Nicodemon.
Just an excuse/reason... she may have laughed, but that was to cover up her sadness.
True bummer for her,,, You are right many hide behind the laugh as we hid behind the Cig... all that did for me was reinforced my quit and glad to be quit (even thou sometime the Nicodemon likes to poke it's little demon head out every now n then, that's when we get to smack it in the face lol....tell it to Hush!!!!!
I use to think if I ended up terminal. .. but In the meantime my goal is too stay free and Healthy, by choice xxx
Even if I found out I had terminal cancer, I wouldn't go back to smoking - smoking woudn't fix anything or help anything. The truth is nicotine is the most boring, worthless addiction out there. I've been 'high' on pain pills before in the hospital and gotten a good buzz from a few drinks before, but there isn't any *high* from smoking... all we were doing was putting out craves all day from the last cig. Putting out craves from a low level of nicotine is pointless, boring and extemely harmful. End of story.
Smoking Stinks!!!!!! Deathsticks!!!!!!!
After all this time I still get the horrid cravings but can't for the life in me understand why anybody would chose to throw this away, i know the cravings can hit hard but I don't see this as an excuse, they last just seconds, it's so not worth it, I enjoy being smoke free and won't go back no matter how hard things become
there's never a good reason to smoke
Thanks for sharing. There will always be a really big stress or at least feel like it's the big one that we want to throw in the towel. That's why we need to do the work and keep reading to change our perception about smoking to where we do not give any thoughts ever on smoking. We have to believe within our core that smoking is not an option.