By notasmok

Not Lighting A Stink Stick Today!

going thru stress today but not even thinking about lighting a stink stick just focusing on my husband and his health husband has never smoke or drink but was born with health problems now new health issues but this time im dealing with it smoke free no excuses to light up NOPE I am doing this and can do this
Please know that Smoking is not the answer to this... it will Not make him any better and jeopardizes your own health. .. my hubby was dx with prostrate cancer a month into our quit. We hung tough and this group put out amazing support thru everything... Hugs to both of You!!! Don't let the addiction tell U lies, we r here for U
Thanks Tina with out the support knowledge love of my family and friends and everyone in the stop smoking support group I am doing this and will win this battle to be smoke free for life thanks everyone hugs to everyone in the group we are doing this together
Smoking never fixes stress... that's just an illusion of the addiction...