By foxwolf

Getting So Angry Today

Cold turkey cravings bad and I really want to throat punch someone. I am doing this for my two little girls and for my husband.
The road is only as long and hard as we make it,,, Now u can see the flowers on the side of the road, now that the Smoke has Cleared
Deep breaths-It does pass
Carrots and celery seem to help. Trying not to stuff my face with chocolate, which is exactly what I want, unfortunately.
Stay close and keep reading... you CAN do this!
Drink plenty of cold water and take deep breaths. Stay close to the group. You can do this!
Welcome remember your not alone in this journey were here for you
Thanks guys. All the positive vibes really help.
Do it to yourself. You're bigger then this. You're strong ! You don't need cigarettes! good luck