By foxwolf

Getting Restless For No Reason At All

Does anyone else just get restless in their own skin? Im fine during the week but these weekends are rough.
Happens all the time... doesn't matter when but need to realize *that's life.* imo.
Doesn't matter really whether we smoked or not... life is tough. We need to learn ways around problems. Stress is a constant but to those of us relatively new in a quit we can see stress as a *new* problem. The key I think is to change your thoughts if you can't seem to correct the problem.
We hid behind cigs for along time
Try the new you with all the money you've saved - get a new hairstyle, some new clothes and some new friends that don't smoke.
I tend to get flustered while working. I'm still trying to find my natural rhythm since I no longer gage my day by smoke breaks. I am grateful at least that I am not a slave but will need to continue to work on giving myself mini breaks.