By catsndogs

My Poor Lungs Are Trying To Get Rid Of All That Gunk

Feeling more confident today. I don't need cigarettes, I don't need to smoke. It is not who I am. Thanks everyone for being there for me! Your support and encouragement mean so much to me. Also, I feel like I smoked a whole pack last night.. My bronchi feel irritated. I guess my poor lungs are trying to get rid of all that gunk. Love and blessings to all. Here's to another day smoke free!
Yes, thats normal to cough up junk, I never did, not sure why
Your body is trying to recover. And it will if you stay smoke free. You got this!
Not all discomfort is bad... your system is in a healing mode - when we smoke and for all the years that we smoked each and every puff on a cigarette destroyed the cilia, or tiny little hair-like projections lining our respiratory tract. These cilia are responsible for filtering out all the impurities we breathe on a daily basis. They line our nose and reach all the way down into our lungs. When we quit smoking, the first thing, essentially to start repairing itself, is the respiratory tract......and as soon as we take the last puff, the cilia start to regenerate themselves. In some people these cilia grow back faster than others. Coughing is a natural by-product of the re-emerging cilia. It makes no difference how long or how much you smoked, the rate of re-growth can and is different in all of us. The faster the cilia grow, the more likely we are to cough lots in the first weeks of a quit. Our bodies are healing and our lungs are clearing themselves of all the toxins and impurities. But whether your cilia grow back rapidly and we cough lots or slowly or whether we cough little....any cough lasting more that a few weeks and is persistent and is accompanied by pain and or fever, should be checked by a physician. The body heals remarkably fast but smoking often covers up a variety of other illnesses and conditions and a lingering cough should not always be associated with quitting smoking. It's a great idea for any of us quitting to have our lungs checked out afterwards. It really does help with peace of mind.
You are spot on with all ur thoughts there, ,, You don't Need Cigs, You are worth Soooo much more, and yes ur body is finally being freed of the Junk YAAAAY U!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're confidence will continue to grow each day. The cigs create the fear. Easy to see the longer you go. You should be about over the worst of the physiological stuff. Congrats on being strong.
I do feel like I have more energy today! Every Time I smoked during the day I would feel terribly sick after. It got worse and worse. Finally I decided NO MORE! Something finally clicked and I am so excited! I can't wait to see how I feel in the following weeks to come! Thanks again everyone. It really helps to have someone to talk to that understands. My husband is proud of me ( yes, he is still alive, the virus didn't kill him, contrary to his beliefs, nor did I strangle him), but it's nice to go through this with someone who has been where I am.
Great quit, Jennifer! Congratulations and well done. Yes, you're still in healing mode so you'll notice all these changes. Welcome them all with open arms. The ones I enjoyed were getting my taste buds back. Yum.