By sugarcube

Stress Is A Constant In Life Smoking Is Not

Are you serious about quitting smoking or is your decision based on certain CONDITIONS? If your basing your quit on STRESS it will only be a matter of time before lose your quit because stress is a constant in life. Then we have another constant called EMOTIONS... also a condition - Your decision to stop smoking starts with your mindset and usually starts out really good until you find yourself in a big argument, lose your job or have a big financial expense... then you start thinking about smoking again and begin to doubt yourself. Then the doubt turns into thoughts about driving to go buy a pack, then you start dwelling on the idea of how *great life used to be*, bla, bla, bla. Sound familiar? By allowing yourself to base your quit on stress and emotions, you haven't got a chance. But WHY would we do that? Personally I believe it's we really *wanted* to quit, but not if it was too difficult... after all, we had heard from tons of people about *how HARD this is to do.* So we left the idea open in our subconscious mind to relapse. But only if something TERRIBLE happened, and even though the terrible thing did or didn't happen, our mind kept drifting back to the old subconscious thinking of 'I'll never REALLY be happy without smoking' or 'I love smoking', or 'Im under too much stress' or 'my husband just doesn't love me anymore.' So is there any hope for this problem? When we become serious enough to quit, we come to the realization that we are CHOOSING to quit smoking, not just a *want to* and the task becomes much easier. This time we realize that smoking will NOT BE AN OPTION, for any reason at all, no matter what. So on a conscious and a subconscious level, there is no internal argument but the better your DECISION to quit is at the outset, the better quit you will have and all of the reasons/excuses to smoke will be closed and not based on life events.
Don't even want to hear about the stress excuse, because that's all it is an EXCUSE!!!!, NO GOOD COMES FROM SMOKING! !!! I chose thru it all to reach to this group no mater what life threw my way and I'm still here and over a year and an a administrator, how's that for showing life who's boss, Life happens, always will, smoking is a choice!!!!!!!!
I so totally agree. Any quit based on fear or stress or any other negative is pretty much doomed. You really need a good positive mindset to offset the stuff Life throws at you when you're quitting.
All so true, thank you
Excellent viewpoint Sugarcube! In the back of my mind I was thinking that the ONLY way I would start smoking again would be if hell froze over or the apocalypse e.g. the dead started walking like TWD series. Otherwise it n.o.p.e. for me.