By piano124

I Am Going So Crazy Right Now - My Family Must Hate Me!

I can honestly say I'm a psycho!! If one of my friends or family punches me in the face I probably deserve it. I have definitely committed to not smoking completely and have tried breathing techniques, candy, gum, a freaking toothpick dipped in listerine and even took 2 showers today to try and calm my nerves but it isn't working so well I wanted to get some opinions on the vapor thingys. I'm on the patch now (highest one) and would get the vapor thing with no nicotine. Thoughts?? Or any other things I haven't tried that have worked for you? TIA
I have the juice with 0 nicotine.
Used chantix for a month and use an e cig for cravings. Seems to work for me
I did it cold turkey without anything but keeping my hands and mind busy. You can do this!!!
My first week was the worse. I hated everybody but it did get better. When I could actually breathe n not coughing up a lung every morning it was a great feeling
Suck on a lemon seems to work at peak of cravings
I've not used one just wanted to tell you that when I first started my quit I wanted to pull my hair out an yell at the world I so hated the way I was feeling but I was not going to give into that cig no matter what ! I would come here and read every post and comment there was and that helped a lot seeing what was helping others and just all the up,s and downs that comes with quitting .
I was a witch!!!! We have to ride this through
The combo if the patch and vapour worked for me. Go for it. You can do this.
I'm using the patches and nicorettes wee white plastic inhalator, and they are working well for me so far. I tried the e cig before I quit and desperately wanted to use it as a part of my quit but it caught in the back of my throat and made me cough alot.
I have been a bitch too so much that my husband told me to just smoke! Thanks Hun! Smh you got this, it will pass!!
Try it. Whatever works for you. Just don't smoke
This is totally where I am now, too. Solidarity! I am a mess. Not that I'm glad you're feeling this way, but it helps me to know that it's a normal part of quitting, even tho it doens't feel normal at all.