By piano124

Stop The Addict Thinking

Are You Dwelling On Smoking? If I'm working to lose weight and browsing recipes online, which recipes would you recommend I focus on? The gooey sweets, fat-laden casseroles, fried chicken and french fries... or healthy salads, organic ideas, and vegan recipes? If I read over a bunch of desserts and fried foods, how long do you think it will be before I head on over to the nearest bakery or pizza place for some fattening junk food? It's the same thing here! If you sit and think about smoking, how much you want one, how good one would be, how everyone else in the world gets to smoke and you can't... you're going to talk your way right to the corner store and back into addiction. Make a decision to stop flirting with this addiction and vow to stop complaining about how hard it is, how no-one understands how difficult it is for you... as if somehow your circumstance is different and we had it easier. These are all lies/reasons/excuses designed to justify your next fix. Life didn't take a back seat for any of us to accommodate our quit and it won't for you either. To make your quit better, make a choice instead. Once you DECIDE that smoking is simply not an option EVER, you don't need to waste anymore thought on cigarettes. You're DONE! Move on! Start thinking about all the things you're going to do, how much better you'll smell, how healthy your lungs are going to be. Read the blogs and comments here, read the files section at the top of this page and think about anything that SUPPORTS your decision to quit, not sabotages it! Where our thoughts dwell, so do we. The way you think about quitting smoking will determine your results - if you perceive it to be hard, it will be. If you perceive it as recovery from addiction and a positive choice, quitting will be SO very doable. This addiction is deceitful and seductive and it doesn't lie down and die easy so show it who's boss. This is your life, your future, your health at stake and YOUR responsibility to take back the controls. Play it smart and don't fall for the lies anymore. Stop the addict thinking and start thinking like a free person again... you CAN do this!
Yummm Chocolate ... better than a smoke anyday, but everything in moderation lol
Thanks for the post!! It sure hit at the Right time!!! Feeling a little emotional today..
Amazing read and so true. Determination gets me through.
Today's choices affect tomorrow's outcomes. I find that if I'm taking it a day at a time it is more doable and I can find more peace in my new life as a non-smoker. It's day 55 for me and life is getting better. Thanks for the post and the reminder to always protect my quit.