By lapomapo

Sorry About This Post But I Want To Say This

I've been reluctant to post this because it seems negative but I don't really mean it in a negative way lol... Just wondering if anyone can relate... I kind of wish I could see more immediate positive things that many others see. I feel the exact same. My lungs don't feel clearer, my breathing is the same, circulation is the same etc. only my anxiety is a bit higher. So I guess for me, what I need to focus on is the positive of avoidance and be glad I didn't have any problems during the time I did smoke and just hope that I don't get any issues later in because I did! And it wasn't worth the risk. And of course the fact that I'm not flushing money down the drain on it.
Over time you just see more and more benefits! It's like the whole abused body is showing its happiness as it works fast as it can to repair itself!
Maybe you could focus on what you can see fixed immediately. Your wallet! Maybe you could make something like that a short term focus so that you don't lose your resolve and decide to throw in the towel.
Everyone is different and it takes time to feel the difference, Everyday you DONT Smoke is making a difference i can assure you
I felt the same way...days 11 thru 13 were the worst for me of all. No idea why. Those 3 days sucked, worse than the first 3. It wasn't until the 3rd week, almost the 4th before I actually started to feel like me again. While I didn't have the smokers' flu that many suffer from, but I felt like crap. Everything I read and everyone I spoke to, including MD, told me to hang in there. It will get better. There were days when I doubted it. And boy am I ever glad I stuck it out. PLEASE remember that our bodies are healing and it takes time and patience to get healthy. It takes work, a good diet, an exercise program, a positive can-do attitude to change our health and behavior. Just hang in there! Every day every moment you don't smoke is a blessing. Give your body, mind and behavior the time it needs. There is no magic moment that the light goes on and all is healthy. I promise you the struggle is real but it does get better. Have faith in yourself!
I never actually felt bad when I smoked so don't feel any difference. I don't even notice a better sense of taste or smell not even when I gave up for 2 years once.
But one thing is immediate: you stop stinking!!
Im not sure if this has been said but its happening so gradually it goes un noticed. When ive relapsed the next day i can literally not pull myself out of bed my body is that tired. So believe me. Things are better there is just no way to compare it. Good luck