By smithed

Honestly Shocked I Have Been Able To Do This

am honestly shocked I have been able to do this and amazed at how strong I have been. I think that if I can quit anyone can before I quit I pretty much lived to smoke looked for any excuse I could to smoke I would even wake up in the middle of the night just to smoke, smoked after every meal, took way too many smoke breaks at work, rewarded myself for household chores by having a cigg, took a shower had a cigg before i even got dressed lol I feel pretty sad and pathetic when I think about how much control they had over my life they were my best friend and my source of stress relief since my quit I have noticed that I feel so much better physically after the initial episodes of coughing all the crap inside my lungs out, I am doing much better at work because I have a lot more energy and more time to do a good job because I am not having to work my smoke breaks in, my coworkers have even seen the change and are very supportive of me I get more quality time with my children because when I am home I am with them and not outside every 15-20 minutes for a smoke!! The thing I still need to work on is deff ways to cope with stress thank god I have an understanding supportive husband that can handle my little emotional outbursts I think any other man would have ran away by now lol sorry for the long post just figured I would post how I am feeling and maybe get some positive feedback and those at the beginning of your quit fight through it because it does get better!!!
Congrats on 3 months.
first of all a big pat on back to you that's amazing! I have come across many comments and yours hit me bang on. What you described is exactly the way I am, I am wanting to quit and making promises to myself and my loved ones and then the day comes when I think I'm going to put on the patch and I dont. So upset with myself and disappointed. I read books, recite affirmations, come on here for support feel strong in the moment and then cave. I find it worse in the morning because that's when I tend to smoke the most with my morning coffees it gets me moving. I
Congratulations that's awesome your story is inspirational, thank-you for sharing x
I quit so many times before never made it more than a few days
it's weird because even my partner has been different in the way he supports me this time
So awesome and inspiring!
I am you....congrats!
Yep every excuse under the sun for a stinkie, as soon as i sit in the car to drive, then must have one before i get to destination, as soon as wake up, before meal, after meal, etc etc, sad life really