By rachel710

My Opinions And My Thoughts

So I'm sitting here thinking of what I should write and I decided it should be about depression. I think this topic is a much needed topic for people who are quitting. I know I had no idea that quitting would cause such havoc on my emotional well being. Maybe my case is different because of the added stress of my moms terminal cancer. I don't know but what I do know is I was not prepared and that put me back into a situation I fought hard to end. 
 Ive been bipolar/ manic depressant (what ever you want to call it) since I was a teenager. Ive had it pretty much under control til I quit even with medication I became manic severely manic. I started cutting again, something I do to focus on something other than the pain when I go on my lows. I've had my medication adjusted and just recently had to have another medication added just to try to find my normal. This has all been with in 45 days. Some days it is so hard to function. This was not something that I was prepared for. 
 I've noticed in some of my other groups that this is quite common and some have even gone as far as to say they don't want to live. This is not how a quit should be. It's suppose to be difficult but it's not suppose to be deadly. Hell if it's a choice of life or death I will choose to smoke. It's a weird thought process but understand that when your head is in that space what seems odd to you could save someone's life. 
    So how do you tell a newbie about the hell they are about to face? You don't. At least no one did for me. But I on the other tell them to go to their doctor because they are about put their body through withdrawals and they need to be informed and monitored especially people who take medication. This may not effect everyone but it did me and others.
Great post covering some not often talked about points :) Knowing what to expect is half the battle
Preperation is key. Some people say "quit like this and it is easy". Its not true. quitting is hard, expect it to be hard and you are much more prepared for the task.
love your posts rachel :)