By hercu

14 Months “Clean” And Still Duck And Diving

The past 14 months for me was the same as when , as a boy, just out of school, I was called for “National Service” ... A total 180ᵒ opposite of the life I was used to ... From the protected safety  of my parents house to the front line trenches in a border war...overnight boy changed to man and needed to make decisions, duck and dive, and be brave, not just to survive but to stay alive....
To quit smoking was the same uncomfortable but amazing experience for me..... For 38 years I was so comfortable with my 20 pack in the top pocket of my shirt as I was comfortable on my parents couch and then the forced decision to quit smoking..... Back in the army again....War.... Discipline, self control, suffer, fight, defend, tired, emotional.......Never sure what tomorrow will bring..... !
But the human nature is to survive and stay alive, attack and not to defend.... Yes, coming out on the other side, maybe with scars and wounds but alive and well, is the main objective and can only be obtained by knowing what armoury and secret weapons there is in the enemy’s arsenal ...!
We know that Nicotine is a fierce and sly enemy... and maybe the most researched drug and we must use that information to win this devil enemy for good...
My humble advice....Very, very important is to supplement the hijacked transmitters with natural herbs...... Keep the body fit and immune, by taking extra vitamins (From A-Z) and exercise.....Keep the mind and hands busy..... Start a hobby the things you always wanted to do (You will have a lot of money spare).. Join a lovely forum like ours and participate...
Well is not the Alpha and Omega but we are getting there and over time it becomes easier and bearable...once we have mastered the art to duck and dive and arm ourselves against Nicotine loaded bombs and missiles we will survive.....and might be smoke free forever...!!
Congratulations on your 14 months. I am starting day 9 and how you describe the beginning is exactly where I am at. Leaving the familiar and launching into what looks and feels like a different world to me at times. I'm taking it a day at a time and I am extremely grateful for help from those that have fought their battle to freedom before me.
Marney...It is an incredible journey...But so much worth it...The beginning is tough but get easier as time passes...Stay strong !!
You should be a in a Quitza hall of fame hercu :)
You have such a kind heart coming back and sharing your stories