By mystikone

Change Your Lifestyle For Quitting?

One of the important questions is, what to Do if you don't smoke? It seems to me STOPPING SMOKING means turning your whole life around, NOT just stopping cigarettes and nicotine. What if you've never been interested in going to gyms, or crocheting, or coloring on adult coloring books, or taking hikes out in winter weather? What if you've been satisfied with just reading books, or playing on your computer, or watching TV? And while you did these things you smoked? There's no way you could just sit there and feel Normal not smoking, right? So it seems to me, in order to Fight the habit itself, you have to be constantly on the move doing things you normally never did before, and never was particularly even INTRESTED in doing before. Hence, not only giving up cigarettes, but also changing your whole world around. Not to say it wouldn't be a better lifestyle, mind you. But one might feel they ARE improving their lifestyle by quitting smoking alone. So now we add walking, excersise, turn off the TV, eat gluten free bread, sugarless candy, less coffee.... Good grief! That's alot of change. Not just becoming free of nicotine lol
To get your mind off it. To STOP thinking about cigarettes every 3 min etc
You got this...Well done !!
Any big 'change' in our life will always take some time to get used to. Losing a job, losing your spouse, moving to a new town, starting a new job, quitting smoking, etc. etc. The longer it has been since your last smoke, the more 'normal' it feels to NOT smoke. Give it some time and you will succeed.
Thank you for asking and thank you for encouragement
Allen Carr says in his book not to avoid doing the things you usually do? So I'm going to approach it like that I think.
Normally NEVER did before, I had said lol. I wasn't quoting Allen Carr, it just seems you have to change your life around to be successful. Then again, alot of people here are posting they didn't change their life around at all.
Everyone is different I guess and do what they think works for them. Good luck
I did all the same things. I just didn't smoke. Instead of a pack of cigs I'd have a bottle of water, some lollies, gum. Anything but smokes. It was hard, only for a short time though. After months of being smoke free then my lifestyle slowly started to change as my body was ready for it then. I will never go back. My life as a smoker was hard. Now I'm free and love it.