By hercu

The Past, Present And Future

Today...400 Days into my new life I can look back on my journey, That roller coaster ride, the point where I was dropped into the washing machine...I was soaked, twisted, spun, knocked around but I believe I came out cleaner, brighter and better than the previous 38 years of my life... Dell said that when you start a journey you must “throw away that store bought map and start to draw your own”...Exactly what I did... Face in the right direction and started walking and also remembering that to know the road ahead ask those on their way back... I have learned from people’s failures and successes...Took all that ingredients and drawn my own map....
The caption from the book “The art of War”: “Always attack. Even in defense, attack” became my motto going into this quit with the believe that I cannot recover yesterday but can win tomorrow....The saying that a stream does not cut a canyon by force but by consistency is so valuable on this quit thing...Take it day by day and just continue on the road “forward is forward no matter the speed” 
“Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.” I am sure I will never forget the past 13 months, especially the first four months with the emotions, the lost of my sparkle, zest, mojo and happiness. I acknowledged the fact that it is a chemical war going on in my body and brain. I learned that my brain is rewired to adapt to nicotine as the only thing that can make me comfortable and happy...My dopamine pathways was/is altered. I got a good tip to supplement herbal over the counter and get the Dopamine flowing again and from then to the present I just wanted to catch every precious moment... I could feel the cleansing from that washing machine taking effect...everything returning...Smell, breathing, taste, happiness, zest, mojo.. life ...!!
The Future...well no one knows but a fact is what you do today will determine your future. I do not know how much damage was done to my brain and body although there are signs of COPD but Mohammed Ali said “don’t count the days, make the days count”

If there is a message for new quitters in this it is that it really is worth your while to quit and start living...There will still be ups and downs...Job losses..Brexit’s droughts, economical difficulties, sick pets, own illnesses, lost of beloved friends and family but we will not rely on an addiction to live our life’s. We escaped the entrapment and slavery and will bare with life’s curve balls on our own strength and prayers....!

Wow you are such a superstar. Thank you so much for coming back and telling us your story :)
Well said hercu :) Congrats!
congrats! Thank you for your story and inspiration.
Awesome inspiration...thank you so much!!..I am 9 months into my quit.
Well done Snyderdebra...9 months is Gr8...From here on just easier...!!!