By hbreen19

I Am Doing It Woot! This Feels Amazing!

So I decided roughly 18 days ago I was gonna go on chantix because I didn't want to smoke anymore. There was no need to continue, it does nothing good for anyone. So about 14 days ago I said this shit doesn't work, I'll continue to take it by some strange miracle but I am done well that didn't work. 12 days ago I said to myself again your done. I stuck to it I quit 12 days ago but I also have to say, with in those 5 of those beginning days, I wanted to hunt down a chain smoker and lick them, that wouldn't waste any progress, I didn't because it would be awkward for the both of us and I probably wouldn't taste nicotine that I so desperately wanted at that time. Fast about 3 more days every time I thought I wanted a cigarette I would say to my self "Bitch you just want chocolate" and there went a reese's cup, so now 12 days in as my pants are screaming for help, my local grocery store is that much more richer I have quit smoking, I have no want or desire to go back to it .There were moments where I thought I had went psychotic hell I wanted to cry while being psychotic . This will seem like a drop in the bucket later, but the last 12 days especially the beginning 5 was something TLC would show. For the first time in my adult life I can say I'm not killing myself with 4,000 plus chemicals, just chocolate,lots and lots of chocolate its delicious might I add. Don't worry I've tapered off quite a bit, I don't have goals for the show my 600lb life. I have little perks like energy, my clothes and house doesn't stink just to name a few. I have also come to the sad sad realization my favorite perfume even stinks, I have this new thing called sense of smell, why didn't anyone tell me I walked around for 9 years smelling like some sort of Sweetpea from bath and body works, and a wet ashtray?
Thanks for such an honest post :) Stay strong!
Thanks for sharing. You got this.
That last sentence made me laugh out loud :) You can do it!
I'm glad I made you laugh :). I was only being my normal honest self, Good thing I don't write everything I thing huh?. Thank you :D
Great share! Congrats on your quit.
Wonderful! Awesome! And I love your sense of humor!
Thank you :)