By mom2arielle

Will It Ever Happen For Me

I was sitting in the Drs. Office the other day thinking of many things like why is my anxiety through the roof (smoking). And why can’t I afford my long acting anxiety meds ($125 a month) but yet I can afford to feed my smoking habit (around $173 a month) I know that if I can quit smoking my anxiety will be cut drastically. I know this because not too long ago I had quit for 23 days and my anxiety was about 75% better that it had been. I was even starting to wean myself off of my long acting anxiety meds (with my drs. Supervision of course) and did not have to take my short acting (rescue) anxiety meds nearly as much as I had been. As a matter of fact I went from 1 a day to 10 a month. I could kick my own butt for starting back but as it is I did so that also leaves me at the Drs. Office pondering why I can’t seem to quit. I see so many of my family and friends and online peeps quit and stay that way. Why can’t I. I have quit for a couple of months once or twice but can’t seem to stay that way for very long. I know that smoking is killing me I feel it in my breathing already. I know that by week 2 or 3 I feel great and have a dramatic drop in anxiety so why can’t I do it. I have “quit” so many times that when I tell my family I am going to quit they just roll their eyes and say whatever. When you do it and stay that way let us know. When exactly in a quit should I tell them now in a month in 2 months I don’t know I have quit that long before and went right back to smoking. It does kind of hurt but I can’t say as I blame them much. I quit at a minimum of 10 times a month usually for less than 24 hours. I know that it causes many arguments and has reduced my 12 year old daughter to tears because she does not want to see her momma smoking and die as she tells me every time I go back to smoking. She used to be my biggest cheerleader but I have disappointed her so much that even she is like I will believe it when I see it. I really need a lot of help with this quit I will mostly need the online support as I don’t intend to tell my family till later on in the quit maybe 3 months if they have not noticed by then and help will be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to have my independence from cigs before Independence Day. If you made it through this thank you.
Welcome. I took a chance and tried hypnotherapy. Figured it wasn't anymore expensive than smokes. I've been happy with the minimal cravings (compared to reading about other's). I'm walking a lot though to make up for the increase in eating. Good luck and take it one day at a time.
It's totally understandable to quit and go back-you just need to set your mind on doing it and just do it. I know it's way easier said than done but at this point that's where I'm at personally. You can't let slips get you down. You've got this!!! I'm finishing day 4 today, & what I keep telling myself is I feel better every day. As much as it still sucks and I have a long way to go, day 4 is MUCH better than day 1, & I think what's keeping me on track is remembering how terrible I felt on day one and how I never want to feel that way again. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep looking forward and stay strong!!!! <33333
we are always here for you :)
Mom 2...Just wanted to get on top without huffing and puffing.. you can still do it !!
Its difficult to quit. Don't beat your self up over it. Pick yourself up and go again!
Thanks for sharing :) You only fail when you quit quitting.
I hear ya and understand. But I want to tell you it's doable. I use to do without so much as long as I could buy my cigarettes. You are addicted to nicotine,and while you are trying to quit your brain is demanding more nicotine.I use to think,how such a small thing as a cigarette had si much control over me. Nicotine leaves your body in 3 days when you quit. Protect your quit..really mean it..when you get these bad feelings,say to yourself You don't do this anymore. Talk back to that urge...tell it NOPE.