By hbreen19

Day 4 And Counting I'm Getting There Slowly But Surely.

I will NOT smoke today, I will NOT smoke today, I will NOT smoke today. I have been telling myself this since I woke up. I can't go and get any, I have nothing there thankfully I feel as though the day I am having so far today if there was any access this journey so far would have been over. I would have to start from scratch. I don't want to start from scratch. I don't want to feel like I felt when smoking, I don't want to have to push through these first few days over again. My doctor bumped my chantix down to .50 pharmacy, didn't have it in. I took a 2mg and cut it in half. The cravings are intense, I am emotional and my husband,, My husband is suppose to be quitting too. I feel as though he is lying, he is sneaking he is NOT quit. He has come home smelling like smoke. He didn't like that fact I got rid of all the smokes, ash trays etc He decided he wanted to quit too, He started his chantix even before I did, he would make me feel like crap for smoking more then him. I quit before him. Since I quit he has been encouraging me to smoke. Yes ENCOURAGING, you see I would be quit for 6 days and some odd hours. Right now I am at 4 almost 5 . Because I was miserable he knew I was miserable he was still smoking and kept going out to smoke, the more I was miserable the more he would smoke, the more he would say "why torture yourself". I am feeling as though I am on nothing to help when it comes to quitting but then again I don't know what it would be like if I wasn't on nothing. But not here I am miserable again, Craving wanting so bad for that one cigarette because that will "help" it won't help, its not gonna do me any good and I am NOT going back now. Hes texting me on lunch trying to encourage me to go back to smoking because I am to miserable. NO, Its not gonna happen, I know hes still smoking this will validate his smoking. I am validating that I am done. That I will push through this too!
You will do Great!!!...just remember..protect your quit. You are worth it!!!
I'm getting there day by day. Its not easy but I am working through it as best as I can. I refuse to start back at the beginning! Thank you for the encouragement!
Great post! Welcome you got this!
You are DONE. Stay strong and you got this.
I got through yesterday and it wasn't easy but I'm here and still going and gonna keep going . Thank you everyone :)
youve got this!* stay strong. push through. I haven't even started my first full day as a non smoker yet, and I already know it's going to be worth it. Keep up the fight!!! <3