By gauthams


It is now one month, one week, and one day since I quit cold turkery - and I have not only survived, but am also soooooo happy that my physical energies and interests are also recovering.... I am still unable, as I have reported before to do long stretches of non stop physical activity but for the last week, I have been doing 45 minutes cumulative (with many breaks ) using an elliptical trainer indoors (It is 42 degrees Celsius in Delhi right now at 8 PM!!!!!!)  but am also taking my cycle out for a spin 4 to 5 times a week,  and I go with my son when he goes to play tennis thrice a week, and walk around the courts while he works up a sweat - the downside is I can now think of nothing else but increasing my stamina and losing weight ( I have lost almost 10 kilos in the last 5 weeks - with just zero alcohol and intelligent controlled eating - NO FAD DIETS.... 

There are two negatives tho -

one is insomnia - and I have prescription tabs for those, but That makes me hungry at night - so the eating intelligently is a constant challenge....

The flip-side is that I have become obsessed with chronicling every bit of physical activity and every morsel which I eat into this planner on a website called -  friends tell me I will get over that - and I certainly hope so - In the interim I have reversed one negative aspect that bothers many quitters - which is weight gain -- by quitting alcohol completely at the same time, and exercising regularly, I have actually lost weight - so is that one myth busted ? anyone else lost weight in the first month of the quit.  I feel guilty for not coming to the forum everyday,  but surely that must mean that the cravings are less intense?????
really good effort
Thanks for checking in Gauthams! You are doing so well!
Clean eating and a little exercise is all you need to loose weight! You are in a life changing phase right now. Keep it up!
Its good the cravings are less intense. If you don't need to post about the quit as much - you can come back and offer a little advice and support to new quitters :)
Many people loose weight when they quit smoking... If they are a superstar like you and combine the quit with an all round healthier lifestyle :)
I watch my calories on that app like a hawk every day. You are not alone!