By woody

The Power Of The Nicotine Patch

i am into my sixth week of patches without a smoke,i changed the patch type last week  and have had really bad dreams,this is very unusuall ,in past quits the dreams have only been prevalent for the first week on a 21 patch and then nothing.Last night i took the patch off and replaced it this morning, i am ok ,i think that switching from one brand to another  is not a good idea.In  six days time i will be going on  to the 7 mg patch which i am looking forward to,i also intend to read the allen carr book easy way  to give my mind the extra boost it needs to complete my  treatment.Looking further  ahead may not always be the best way of aproaching my problem but i have been here on a few occasiones in the past,my last quit was 31 months before drinking  and the  thought of socialising  without a smoke became to much.Ihave been back on the fags for fourteen months following that quit and they were the worst months of my life,all the good work was undone and ifelt terrible all the time,it has been really nice over the last seven weeks to not have to smoke and being on this site has been really helpfull.Iwill not kid anyone into thinking that i am feeling really good because i am not,but i do know that over a long period of time health does improve energy does come back.One thing i do not like about this site is within the progress section is the section on the percentage chances of still catching terrible diseases this is really counter productive as an ex smoker i want possitive vibes.Just one other thing, i would like more people to post so we can help each other as often as possible   .          
I totally agree. I switched patches and also have had very vivid dreams. Horrible dreams.. so I've been taking them off before bed and they stopped. I can definitely tell when they are on.. congrats on stepping down on 7mg.
thanks for your reply im glad you are at the same stage as me it helps
Congrats on 6 weeks!
Thanks for the feedback about the site woody. It's always really appreciated.
The site is small but growing - It's very new. It's up to us to post and comment to make it active and awesome. Delete
Yup we need more members on here! I help them out by sharing all i can in facebook groups and stuff. Word of mouth is the way we make this place great :) Congrats on 6 weeks woody and thanks for sharing. Love reading your posts.