By woody


Over the past four years i have thoght about smoking and not smoking thousands of times,.Igave up in 2012 and did not take  a drag for thirty months,during that time i put myself into situations where i would normally smoke on countless occasiones,but did not touch nicotine.My biggest dread was allways the social gatherings,if the truth be known my association between nicotine and drinking alcaholl has been my downfall,just the thought of going to the pub and not smoking drives me mad and therfore all my quit attempts have failed because  of drinking alcahol and  my desire tosmoke with a drink.While i am typing this post  the urge to smoke is high, the thougt of a drink and a smoke is starting to annoy me,iam thinking about a golf trip next weekend, will not smoking spoil the trip?This is my idea of a trigger,i think it is my only trigger but it is a big one and in order to achieve my goal i need to conquer it.I was going to ask for help on this little problem from you guys,but it is far to easy for you to advise me that i should give up drinking,by the way i do have a little gambling problem as well.So just by reading this post you already realise that my lfe has many ups and downs,at this moment i have things under controll but i would like to hear from you guys  what you would do in my situation ,it might be very interesting.t
Social things are the worst when you are a new quitter :)
not smoking will not spoil the trip! It is difficult at first but you can totally beat these triggers. i used to think i would never forget about smoking and drinking. I loved the combination. But now i can honestly say i never want a smoke. Even when i drink
Just stay strong, don't let the nicodemon control your life. You can beat the temptation.
Avoid the events if possible for a while. But you can beat it if you try :)
I was also a smoker when I drank or gambled. I didn't go to a bar for about a month after my quit. And I limited my time the first few times after I started going again. But now neither a bar nor casino makes me want to smoke. And I can play golf without smoking a cigar afterwards. So hopefully you can go and enjoy yourself. Just be careful. If you start craving inside, go for a walk or go distract yourself with something else.