By gauthams

DAY 16 - RELAPSE BLUES - And An Appeal For Tips To Deal With It

Ah well, I have pulled through to Day 17 and my progress as I write says 2 weeks 1 day and 19 hours - that is also a 500 unsmoked cigarettes. The fears I had about shortness of breath are also reducing - I have also been on a zero alcohol regime since it began - and I have increased my physical exercises marginally - and push it longer every few days. Because it is so hot here in the Indian Summer, ( 42 degrees Celsius in the shade at 6 PM) and because I am embarassed about my weight and my belly and my lack of stamina - I have borrowed an unused elliptical trainer from a friend and use it as a stationery cycle for about 45 minutes every day and I also try and work in the kitchen for about 10 to 15 minutes - and do some basic yoga breathing and neck rotation stretches when I can... 

I write today because I am feeling vulnerable and THIS WAS THE EXACT DAY I RELAPSED LAST TIME... I am trying not to think of it - and I know the horrible craving stage is over - but I am VERY VERY AFRAID - that the false sense of confidence may break my resolve - I know only I can deal with this,  but I am writing, nevertheless, just to share and see if some one else has been through similar circs, and has a tip or two or five to share :-)
It feels like the more into my quit I am the more of a craving I have. I think it's all mental but it's still there. Congrats on day 17 hold strong you can do this
What you are doing (cycling, yoga, avoiding alchohol) are the right choices. Know that once you pass this day you will have succeeded wherre you laspsed in your last attempt. But yes we all need to avoid a false sense of confidence.
You are doing great!!...just think how good you feel not smoking. Cigarettes are poison. Take one day at a time my friend and do all to protect your quit. You Are So Worth It!!!
Did you beat the relapse day?! Stay strong!
@daking - Yes, I did. The last time I relapsed on the 12th evening - Now, I have just began day 18 - so it is a bit of a progress....