By zumpa7

Day 18 - Started Out Good, Is Getting Worse

It must be Thursday.  It is a hard day for me.  I have been working all week, getting up at 7 AM every morning and going to bed at 12:30 every night.  Had a sick kid several nights this week, reducing the sleep even further.  I am noticing a difference with my energy levels already.  It is increasing, but this is a tough schedule I keep.  I am really feeling the need for a smoke about now.  I popped in another piece of gum, and ate tons of candy this afternoon.  Some part of me wants one, but the rational, in charge part of me wants nothing to do with them.  I am just tired.
I am fighting more with my husband lately, but I am pretty sure that is due to my emotions coming out instead of getting obscured by a haze of smoke.  While we are fighting more, I think we are actually communicating more.  I am sure things will settle down and get better eventually,
I had another one of those episodes today where I started to sweat profusely and felt weak and dizzy.  I am going to call the doctor if it happens one more time.  I think it may be my blood pressure dropping suddenly because I have lost weight and am no longer smoking.  I am pretty sure my BP meds were finely calibrated to my situation before (fat and smoking) and now that I am less fat and not smoking, the meds may need to be reduced to properly control my blood pressure.
That's all for now.  Looking forward to Friday!  It is supposed to be beautiful out tomorrow.  Gardening and kids day!  And maybe, I'll be sick tomorrow night and won't come in to work.  We'll have to see!
Have a great night, all you fabulous non-smokers out there.  Keep the faith.  We can do this.
Deep breathing is really good. Especially when you can imagine yourself somewhere other than where you are now. For ex. you're on a beach, the sun is beating down on your skin. It's totally relaxing you and in the distance you can hear the waves crashing....i used to fight alot with my husband and i would go for a walk and not go home until i calmed down. I also started watching live webcams on the net. The cruise ships coming and going, the beaches, even animals i watched. Anything to take my mind off those cravings. Take care and have a good night.
Thanks for sharing :)
We can do this!
Stay Strong....Smoking won't make your days better...Smoking kills...You Can Do This!!!!