By zumpa7

Day 16 - Starting To Lose Track Of Days

It takes me a minute to figure out how many days I have been quit now.  I guess i have trouble counting past 15!  I think it is kind of like having a baby.  At first , you count their age in days, then weeks, months, and finally years.  I think I may be ready to start counting in weeks quit instead of days quit.  So, I am 2 weeks quit at this point.  My end goal here is to become a non-smoker.  Not a former smoker, but someone who doesn't smoke, who doesn't want to smoke, and doesn't think about smoking because they are not part of my life.  I want to stop thinking about them and having them in any part of my life.  I'm 41 years old.  It's way past time to make this change and make it permanent.
I had an OK day today.  It is getting close to Mother's Day, which is nice in it's own right, but more importantly, the beginning of planting season for me.  I feel so behind in the garden.  I spent a bunch of time today getting rid of encroaching grass in one of my gardens, planting some gladiolas, and weeding another area.  I took a survey and decided which plants i need to buy.  That is only the first round of that, though.  I'll go around again and decide on more plants.  I love plants.  It was a little irritating today because we had Comcast installed today, so some of my time was cut short in the garden and it was hard to start and stop my work.  I hope I get some time in there tomorrow or at least some time to go shopping for plants.
As for smoking, today wasn't a bad day.  Still lots of thoughts about cigarettes, but no real cravings.  Only on my 4th piece of gum for the day, which isn't bad at this point.  One more for the day should probably carry me through.
I put away the scale because my weight wasn't changing.  I think it was laughing at me.  I'll weigh myself again on 5/13, my 10 year wedding anniversary. Seems as good a day as any.  My other goal for the next two weeks is to eat no candy except for sugar free hard candies to help with the not smoking.  I eat way too many sweets and I've got to at least try to keep that under control.  I don't want to become diabetic because I quit smoking!
I once heard somewhere that smokers are the only prisoners that get out of jail (quit smoking) and still count the days
You are going to be counting weeks soon, then months, then years!
Glad to hear you had a good day :) Thanks for sharing
Dont worry about the weight too much. Focus on the quit :)