By zumpa7

Day 15 - When Will I Stop Thinking So Much About Cigarettes?

Today was a very good day.  I was able to work out this morning, take care of a few jobs around the house, and have a pretty good afternoon with the kids.  They were fighting a lot today, and causing some other trouble, but I stayed calm through the whole thing.  Even laughed in my head a little about their antics.  Kids WILL be kids, after all.  I don't appear to be having very many cravings for the things, but I think about them an awful lot.  When will I stop thinking so much about the damn things?  
I think about them when I am in the garden.  I think about them after I work out.  I think about, "it's nice i don't have to worry about time for smoking before i go pick up the kids".  It is very tiresome.  I don't think about pulling over at a gas station to pick up smokes.  I don't think about searching the house for my husband's stash of cigarettes.  They just pop into my mind at random times.
Things are good, though.  I've made it through 2 weeks smoke free.  It has been 2 years since I could say that.  I know I have to be very careful with this quit, though.  The last time I had any "long" term success, I was off for about 2 1/2 months or so, and then picked it back up just before the three month mark.  I would sneak one out of my husband's pocket after work and just have the one and go to bed.  I did that for awhile, and then that wasn't enough.  I ruined it.  I don't want to go back through all this beginning stuff again.  While it isn't as bad as I imagined, it is bad enough!  
I do like posting here daily.  I will need this in the future to look back on when I feel tempted to have one because I think I have it kicked.  Ha.  I am a drug addict, and having one smoke is the same thing as an alcoholic having one drink.  It doesn't work.  
Not One Puff EVER!!!!!
Now you are going through the mental aspect of it and this is usually the longest. It is worth it though, everyday you're getting stronger weither you know it or not. If you just hold out, hold out just 1 more hour you can conquer this!
It does fade with time. After a month you will still think about smoking just not constantly. and it will be much easier to manage. After 2 / 3 months you will hardly think about smoking at all. You are over the worst. Hang in there it DOES get easier
It is 100% Fact that you will stop thinking about smoking if you stay smoke free :) Keep it up!
Great mental attitude there. You got this!