By gauthams


I threw up two challenges in my last two posts and its been only two days into the current quit, so it is not fair to pass judgement, but I dare say I was expecting more participation - ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I WAS CALLING OUT FOR HELP.....

I really really want to understand why I (and I assume many others feel so short of breath) and why we feel so breathless during the withdrawal -it is the science behind this that messes me up, because not putting poison in should make breathing easier, no? I can get a hold on the reasons or the other cravings but I am not able to get over this one - I am actually feeling PETRIFIED of any physical activity, but I did (all in one afternoon which i didn't used to before quitting  - I drove the car for 14 kilometres (jeez can you imagine being proud of that??/?// what a state we have reduced ourselves too?/??/) but more importantly watered the lawn and front garden for a fairly continuous 18 minutes.... but all the time I was panicking that I would stop breathing. I didnt but thats how I feel  - am going to press post now, and THAT IS STILL how I feel
I had horribly chest tightness too I kept thinking oh have a smoke it will help how crazy is that? I didn't have one just kept goin on. Think about why you need to quit. Relax and read play a game whatever makes you happy
It will pass!! I you are worried call your dr they will have tips to help. I smoked for 30 years on day 99 now I hardly think about it now I can smell again my skin is lovely and iam not so tired anymore. Lots of good things to come. ps no more hiding to smoke as everyone gives you dirty looks.
It's normal to have coughing after a quit from a few weeks to a few months. Our lungs need to expunge garbage that has built up over time. Trouble breathing can also be caused by anxiety over thinking about the quit. It is also possible that a breathing disorder was masked by smoking, since cigarettes have chemicals in them that open bronchial tubes (so we get nicotine faster). So while smoking damages lungs, it can temporarily offset the difficulty breathing. If it is not simply a productive cough, it is best to check with a doctor. Remember there is nothing smoking helps or does not harm.
It could be anxiety! It depends on how difficult your breathing is - if it is worrying you this much you should see a doctor. We can only offer support here not medical advice :)
Thanks all, there is a doctor at home, a cardiac surgeon and a house guest as we speak :-) :-) ;-) and he doesn't think there is an issue except me fretting. But it is not just fretting its actually a physical feeling. But I did two things after the first encouragigb reply from formykids - which makes it all in the last one hour. I did a bit of yoga breathing, sitting on the mat, and not leaning over the backrest of a chair turned backwards which is my normal position that's how fat I am... sheesh and I stayed up in the Kitchen boiling peas, and chopping fruit for my late night treat - no more chocolate biscuits, if I keep to this form... thanks everyone for your support - we shall overcome,
Thanks Tracyusa, one comes for the support, oh yes - and one gets it....
Yup see a doctor, breathing issues can be normal, but can be something else too. It sounds like it is kinda bad for you. Doctor is always best :)