By mom2arielle

Had To Change My Stats For Myself

Okay so I reset my quit date to the date that I had my last puff. Even though it was only two puffs in the two weeks that I had quit. I felt guilty and my perfectionism would not let me leave it the way it was. However those 2 puffs really strengthened my resolve to quit smoking and gave me another reason on my list to quit. I was at work talking to a friend in our little break room which is where the employees are allowed to smoke. I started craving really really bad and was unable at the time to remove myself from the situation at that moment in time. So I am ashamed that I gave into my cravings and bummed a cig off of my coworker. I lit it up and took one drag. Mind you this had been a week and a half after I had quit smoking. So I drew in my hit of the cig and that is when I swear all hell broke loose. My chest seized up and I started coughing really bad and really hard and was unable to catch my breath between coughs. I truly thought that I was going into respiratory failure and that I was just going to die right there. Scared my coworker too. She told me afterwards that my face turned beet red and my lips started turning blue. Well Finally I got my coughing under control and was able to breathe again. You would think that thinking I was going to die just a few minutes earlier would deter me from wanting to take another drag but you would be wrong. After everything calmed down and I was able to breathe again I thought well that was just the first puff in a week and a half my lungs were just not used to it anymore and the next puff should be better. Well no it was not if anything I think I coughed harder and gave myself a head ache. It was then I decided that I did not want to feel that way again like I was going to die twice in five minutes and also that my lungs were no happy having those toxic chemicals in them and truly did not want to start back. So I did reset my stats for my own self to know when I had my last actual puff of a cig. Happy Smoke Free day everyone
Mom 2...No problem...well done and the fact is that you have stopped !!!
Its not a competition the stats are for your benefit only. I think the more accurate they are the more effective they are :) Congrats on the quit! Stay strong!
Stay strong :)