By brendasbaby

Day 33 Is Quite Well If You Ask Me

Its day 33 of being smoke free. It’s finally the weekend and I’m so happy about that. Finally time to relax and enjoy time to myself and not worry about work or anything else. I went shopping yesterday and bought myself some stuff.  That I’ve been wanting and rewarding myself for not smoking. I think I deserve after all that I have been thru. This emotional roller coaster has been pure hell. I’m just glad the first month is behind soon the cravings will be gone completely and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I’m also going to have them in the back of my mind but in the back of my mind is where they can stay. I don’t want to deal with them every day like I have had to do. I am so glad that the worse part is over and I can move forward in my life of being a non-smoker. Well I had fun on my date yesterday But I always have fun with I’m with my fiancé she is amazing and spending time with her never gets old. I think that’s why I’ve known for so long hell I’ve since right after we started dating that she was the one for me. And that I was going to marry her one-day. Well that has finally arrive in a little over a month she will finally be my wife. I will be the happiest girl alive. I think that tonight I’m just going to relax watch some Netflix or a movie and just hang out with my dog and my fiancé and not worry about anything for the rest of the day. Next week I will worry about all that life brings upon me and deal with the temptation then. I need to get caught up on a few shows that I have been neglecting for weeks like NCIS I absolutely love GIBBS and Abby they are freaking hilarious together. I think that I can relate to abbey in so many ways. And Gibbs is like her farther. Since he was there thru almost all of the horrible stuff like when she found out she was adopted I cant believe they never told her anyway. Well I’m going to wrap up my journal entry for today. I love each and every one of you I hope that your quits come easy and the temptation stay at bay. HERES TO ANOTHER DAY BEING QUIT!
I love that you are still posting after the quest :) Thank you for paying it forward :)
You do deserve it! Enjoy :)
Well deserved indeed :)