By brendasbaby

Day 32 Feel Stronger Then Before

Well Day 22 of being smoke-free. Yesterday I mentioned that I was getting married on May 19, 2016. Well we have decided that we are going to get married at the courthouse since we don’t want to worry about whether some one on either side of the family is going to mess up our day. So this way no one will be there and the day will be sacred to us. SO that is our reasoning behind getting married sooner. Its what we both want so I think that’s all that should matter. We have been engaged two years in September. We have lived together almost 2 years as well so I think we can get married. If we can fight and work thru our problem now I think the problems of a married couple will be a breeze. Well today I am going to the gym and going shopping I’m actually excited to get out of the house. We are going on another date today, which is also exciting. We have had a lot of improvements in our relationship and I think spending more time together outside of the house is one of those improvements that we needed to make to grow together as a couple. I am looking for another job. I need more money to save for our wedding ceremony I have two years but I need to start saving or I wont have the money in time for the ceremony, I think what I’m really excited is that after the wedding I wont need to go outside and smoke I can enjoy my wedding without smelling like cigarette smoke or anything else. Well the not smoking has started to become more natural and easy not like I’m having to pressure myself not to smoke it’s more of a I don’t want to smoke. I am absolutely thrilled about that.  I can’t believe right before I quit I was smoking almost two packs a day. That seems unreal now. Like how could put all those chemicals into my lungs. I’m doing my best not to preach the quit smoking speech to all of my friends that smoke. But sometimes is just so hard. Well talk to you all tomorrow. Here to your quits that they come easy and your temptations stay at bay. We can do this if we stick together. And don’t give up.  HERES TO ANTOHER DAY OF BEING SMOKE-FREE!!!
Another victory!
Beautiful i love small personal weddings :)
Smoke free wedding! No one wants a stinky wedding!
Congrats on 22 days!
it was actually 32 wrote the wrong day I'm on 33 now
Congrats on 33 days then! :)