By dawnsie56301

I Never Came Out Of The Closet

I was a closet smoker. My immediate family knew I smoked and close friends, but that was it. All of my immediate co-workers do not smoke, and are the judgmental type,  so typically I would not do many activities with them when asked (go for lunch, etc.) because having a cigarette (or 3) during my lunch hour was more important. Now that I am not a prisoner to smoking, I can join the others. I want to brag to them that I have QUIT SMOKING but I don't want them to know i am a former smoker :) On the other side of the coin, I visited my sister last weekend (who smokes) and she asked me to go outside with her to have a smoke. I told her I quit. She rolled her eyes (because I have half-heartedly made 1 and 2 days attempts in the past). When I told her it's been almost 2 months and this time it's for good,  I think she was totally surprised! She said to me "I don't think I can ever do it" or maybe she used the word "can't".  I didn't say anything back because I'm not going to be that person. Again, a person really has to want to quit. It isn't going to happen by someone ramming it down your throat all the time. Face it, all smokers know it's bad. It's an addiction and a damn hard one to kick! If quitting smoking was easy, no one would smoke any more. Ok, rant over.... So where was I....  I haven't told my mom or many other people that I have quit. I like the idea of surprising them individually when I see them. I know my mom will be happy.... she liked to preach about how bad smoking is for you :) She'll think it was her who persuaded me to quit ;) 
She will be super happy :)
You should brag! Its an awesome thing you are doing!
Dawnsie....Super post and surely everybody will be proud of you...It starts with us here because as you have stated" quitting is not easy" and we know what a quitter is going through. Well done and yes your mom will be super proud !!
Thanks for sharing :)
Love the positive vibes in your posts :)
I was a closet smoker as well, Im a nurse and was ashamed!! I too missed social events and lunches as a smoke was more important. we were silly lol.