By brendasbaby

It's The Beginning Of Month 2

It’s the beginning of my 2nd month. I am a little less frustrated then I have been lately.  Summer is coming and the college students in my town will be leaving THANK GOD. I live in a college town and they surround the neighborhood I live in I. They are loud. They constantly drink and stay up all hours of the night.  Late yesterday evening I caught myself daydreaming about smoking which I hadn’t thought about in a while. I just felt awkward. I’ve heard of people dreaming about smoking and it feeling so real they feel guilty when they wake because they really thought they had smoked. That’s how I felt after I stopped daydreaming. I felt guilty and looked everywhere to make sure I didn’t smoke a cigarette or anything. Thank god I didn’t! When I first started this I thought the journal writing was stupid and ridiculous, but after doing it for a month I actually like it.  I think it does help it helps on days that are bad and my cravings and temptations are thru the roof. It helps when the days are going great. I’m not saying everyday is great. This whole experience has been a roller coaster. One day is amazing the next is not to bad and then day after I’m miserable and just want to give up, It’s just a roller coaster that is finally coming to the end and I can finally get off of the ride. By not smoking I have been able to enjoy things I miss from time to time going out with a group of people and smoking but after a few minutes that passes. I’m going to go get my hair cut soon and get it highlighted I haven’t been able to do that in so long because all my free money that wasn’t going toward bills went toward those awful cigarettes. I’m also getting married on May 19, 2016 well Ill go more into about why im changing the day we get married tomorrow. SO here to everyones quits that they come easy temptations stay low and that everyone has a wonderful day! I love you all and wish you all the best in your quits ad that all the newbies stay strong and they don’t give in because fighting thru it is so worth it in the end. HERES TO ANOTHER DAY OF BEING SMOKE-FREE!
Hell yeah!
Congrats on starting month 2!
You have kept up with the journal well :)
You have made it through the battle :) Time for the war! And you will win!