By brendasbaby


Its officially 1 month smoke free. I am thrilled that I’ve made it thus far. And am continuing to stay smoke free. I haven’t felt very well the last few days but everything is starting to look up. The pains in my stomach are finally subsiding I’m going to go back to the gym on Thursday. I ate a healthy chicken noodle soup for lunch. It was really good.  I think that I am finally getting back to my cheerful happy self. I still am trying to cut back on soda. But it hasn’t gone so well yet. I hope that it will happen soon. I have gotten to enjoy taken my Saba ACE. I haven’t been into lately because I feel like it wasn’t helping but it actually was. I am going to go celebrate my 30-day mark on Thursday. I’m taking myself shopping for stuff that I actually want.  I found one of my lighters this morning and I thought that it would trigger me and it actually did nothing. It didn’t make me think of smoking a cigarette or cause a craving like I thought it would. I am very proud of myself for making that accomplishment. My fiancé is at work today but I’ve decided that I’m taking the day off to get some stuff done already the house. I’m reorganizing our apartment so we have room for new stuff. We live in a real small apartment so space is really limited. I want to get some containers so maybe that will give me so more space. My apartment is smells so much better now that it doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke all the time, I wish I would of gave a hard felt quit attempt a long time before. I am just glad that I have finally done it. I never dreamed I would make it to 3 days smoke-free but I have finally done it. I could literally throw a party. I decided I was going to try and drink without smoking. Well I’m going to wrap my finally journal entry for the first 30 days I really hope to have a very successful next 30-days. I can come back in 10 years and I say I have been successful and staying smoke-free. Here to your quits that they come easy and stay successful. Your temptations and triggers are easy. Here’s to another day stay smoke-free!!!
Congrats!! It does get easier!!!
beautiful :) Congrats! I hope you keep posting :)
Hey, Congratulations!