By brendasbaby

Im So Over Being Pissed Off All The Time!

Well tomorrow is my 30 day mark and I am not having a good week to want to celebrate it  it’s taken me all day just to get the energy to write todays journal so here it goes. I have notice more about this addiction in the last two days then I have in my entire quit. There are days now that its what my whole day is about and its all I think about dream about and so on. SO why have I let some thing so horrible consume my entire life. My every thought and even my every dream. I am so depressed because of it. I feel like I’m falling apart and I feel like this should of happen in the beginning of my quit no a month down the road but I guess everyone’s quit is different and this is how mine is going to be, Well anyway its almost dinner time and I’ve only managed to eat once today and take my Saba ACE and this is the 2nd day I’ve forgotten to take it twice. SO I don’t know I’m going to the store to trade in some video games to get some cash lets see if I cannot spend it on cigs Will I have the will power to have cash in my hand in a store that sells cigs without buying myself a pack. I guess we will soon find out now wont we. I’m going to the doctor next month and im going to tell him I need to be put back on my anxiety medication and that I may need a pill to help with the quitting process cause it seems like my body is acting really really really really werid now that we are at day 29. Well I guess im going to wrap it up for today and just focus on my self. Here to all of you quits come easy the temptation are limited. And that you have the will power to keep going. And not give up. I hipe I have the will pwer to keep going even aafter all ive been thru today and the past couple of days.  That I start improveing my attitude and I feel less pissed off. I hate being angry and it seems like that s all I am anymore.i just wanna punch people all the time. SO HERE TO ANOTHER DAY STAYING QUIT!!!
Woop Woop!
Its normal :) With time it ends. You are over the worst but not out of the woods yet.
Stay strong :)
You can do it!