By brendasbaby

Here To Happy Sunday And Wresltemania!

Good Sunday Afternoon! I am 2 days away from 30 days and its WrestleMania Sunday so I’m pumped and getting food ready for the 4-hour paper view tonight. It my favorite paper view of the year. Our power went out last night because of the storm. I don’t do well in storms I get scared. I tend to smoke when I’m scared plus the neighbor was yelling at his dog, which made it even more stressful. I am having trouble concentrating on writing today. I don’t have much energy I am just drained from the storm. I think I should just relax today from any stress just try and relax. I’m home alone today well the dogs here but she’s in heat so she’s being wicked this week. I lost 8.8 pounds and gained 2 of them back. I am determined to get it back off and add more to it. I am trying to do some work today but I just cant stay focused long enough to get anything done. I have a lady who is pregnant who once to join my team as an associate. I really hope this one works out. Its frustrating when people act like this and then they don’t join. She seems really interested in joining our team and get started right away. Well really hope this stress doesn’t trigger me to the point that I cave after making it almost a month without smoking. I really don’t know if would of made it this far without my e-cig it has gotten me thru the really tough moments. I am so thankful for this page and all of the resources out there to help thru those tough moments. My fiancé is having a bad day at work and she is calling me so I can help calm her down. SO that’s what ill be doing for the rest of the day. I hope that everyone has an awesome Sunday afternoon and your quits come easy and your temptations stay at bay. That no matter what happens we all make it out of this This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I really wish I would of never picked up this stupid ass addiction. I know that I will be there for my kids now that I don’t smoke I can spend more time with my family just because I’m lowering my risk of thing WELL HERES TO ANOTHER DAY!
each day is a victory! So close to 30 days!
This is hard you are right, but you only have to do this once if you do it right!
Hang in there! I hope you still post after 30 days! I love your daily updates :)